Now in our 25th year, The Nantucket Directory is fully searchable.

Who still uses a telephone book?
Anyone who knows what they want but not who can provide it on Nantucket!


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The Nantucket Directory’s up-to-date and unique profile-style listings continue to meet with universal approval. Nearly everyone now calls The Nantucket Directory the island’s “Little Black Book.” Thousands of people a month visit us online.
Producing our Black Book has taught us more about our core island community than the books, websites, flyers, and newspapers we’ve produced for the island during our 50 years in business on Nantucket. A hearty “thank-you” to Albert G. Brock for suggesting we do it!
The basic listings printed in The Nantucket Directory are from Verizon and Comcast, updated with information provided by island residents and local business people. Reproduction of all or part of this publication by any means, print or digital, without specific written permission from the publisher is prohibited.


For display advertising:

Call us at 508-228-9165 Updates can be submitted via email as specified below.

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The Nantucket Directory
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Advertising in The Nantucket Directory

Please call 508-228-9165 for ad pricing and placement.


Photos/images should be 300 dpi. Make sure all colors used for full page color ads are CMYK, NOT spot. For full page color ads with bleed, keep all live matter 1/4” from trim edges. Logos and lineart should be 1200dpi. We do not except PageMaker or InDesign ads. If sending ad electronically, we prefer pressready Adobe Acrobat PDF files with all fonts and art embedded. additional specifications

  • We will not be held responsible for any font defaults that occur in an ad delivered to us in a file format with embedded fonts (i.e. PDF, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Email us for a full spec sheet:
When Nantucket Directory does the ad production,

the advertiser must supply all copy, layout notes, art, logo, and photos/images. All ad production for ads placed in The Nantucket Directory is done at no additional charge. The advertiser is entitled to up to two (2) proofs of ads produced by Nantucket Directory; if more than two (2) proofs are required, those additional changes will be done at current trade rates.
Ad files with no changes produced will be provided by email for $75. If advertiser wants The Nantucket Directory to alter the size or the text of an ad produced by The Nantucket Directory, this work will be done at trade rates.

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