Nantucket Directory 2014 - 2015

Cover photo of town harbor by Ward Vogt, winner of our 2015 Photo Contest
The winner of our 2016 Nantucket Poetry Contest is Dena Steiner

Nantucket Island

Classic, charming, and comfortable
How quaint the town -
How proud she stands
Tall, aged, and weathered with beauty.

Listen to the sound of bells
That chime in the entryways of the open shops,
Delighting our ears everytime someone comes and goes.
Listen to the sound of small pebbles
Being humbled by bike tires on the brick that lay beneath.

Each rock paved the way,
Each building holds the history.
For those that have lived here generation after generation
For those that visit here year after year
The love of this modest island,
The love of New England charm,
The seaside town.

The air filled with the sounds of the ocean that encompasses its divine land.
Leaves your mind with lasting memories of the sea
And how it glows with dusk's faint light.
Breathe in the taste of salt and fish that lay heavy in the air like fog.
It tells the livelyhood of this island and for those that hold her dear.