Nantucket Directory 2017 - 2018

Cover photo by Sanchez Saunders

The winner of our 2018 Nantucket Poetry Contest is
David M Slevin from Patrickswell, Ireland

A Wintry Evening in Madaket

To a meek end the main road runs.
On silky shore countless prints are haphazardly trodden.
A vast brute of marauding ocean commands the distance.
Bullied & submissive, the horizon cowers.

There was graveyard silence.
Not the sight of a soul or a sliver of sound.
Frigid whippet-whooping gusts tumbleweed by.
The will to live lay frost-bitten in their wake.

Village streets were strewn in loneliness,
as if through a wicked witch's spell cast.
Abode after abode gazed a vacant glum stare,
the ugly thoughtlessness likened a crows caw.

Time drip dropped.
Patience without virtue is gifted the short straw.
Au revoir - a restless spirit shall not dwell but depart
afore an alluring sunset was to broker its dawn.

Mesmerizing, melancholic, raw beauty coated the western sky.
A sprinkling of deathly, newborn colors abound.
An idyllic crisp inferno blossomed.
Ethereal - the Lords hand.

In reverence,
Wave after wave swanned toward the shore.
Sea & sand coalesced as one.
Beach grass bowed.
Bird-song withered.
Scrub-oak, bared & decrepit, parted faint breath.
Transfixed, palisades of icy-cold air brimmed
as the still of silence shed tears of joy
at the unfurling, uncompromising grandeur.

I watched in wonder and reminisced -
the open-hearth fire, that tender glow, the homely feel.
Where, in protective embrace, on the most bitter of winter nights,
youthful cockles were warmed and sore eyes cured.

As darkness befell, it was my time to leave.
A last-gasp memory stored.
Through the rearview mirror a heartfelt farewell.
Tock-tick, an all-consuming crave.

When Mr. Slevin was contacted that he had won the Poetry Contest he replied:

"My siste lives on Nantucket and I normally go out to each summer and work for the season. Unfortunately, this year I will be unable to go as the college course I am taking does not finish until the 20th of July. I am stuck in dear little Ireland, dreary weather and all. 

Would be it possible to donate the cheque to a good cause of your association's choice. I derive a lot of enjoyment from my time in Nantucket and it would be nice to give a little back."

Mr. Slevin has approved that his prize will be given to Nantucket Book Foundation as a worthy beneficiary.  Their mission is to “celebrate and promote the joys and rewards of reading, writing, and literacy.  They work with schoolchildren on the island, and they produce the Nantucket Book Festival.